over in the oh-so-unfailingly-amazing Electrical Audio sendspace thread, some kind soul has posted the very out of print codeine/bastro split 7″…. the a-side is literally “split,” with bastro and codeine each recording parts, sending them back and forth to each other and integrating ’em…the way these two ostensibly very different bands mingle themselves is pretty astonishing, as is the end result.

plainly put, this is one of the coolest things put to tape in the 1990s. experience it.


2 Responses to “codeine/bastro”

  1. david Says:

    i’ll check it. that cover is ripped from a very cool 60s bossa nova french film soundtrack to “Un homme et une femme.” my neighbor introduced it to me. anyone seen the movie? i haven’t.

  2. cooper Says:

    Hey dude, I’m very keen on tracking down the MP3’s of this and that site appears to be defunct. Would you be generous enough to upload them? Cheers.

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