billy, billy, billy, billy, billy

this guy is unbelievable.

There was a moment in time once where I would welcome any opportunity to speak my piece, my heart, if only to rip it from my breast and toss it to your table bloodied and torn, declaring wildly ‘look, how gloriously it beats to it’s own drum! Even I can’t control it’s passions and delusions and murmurs’…but these days words iz cheap, and any ‘ol chump can throw ’em round like darts…(a blab has become a blob has become a blog)…and just like the sci-fi movie from the 50’s “The Blob”, no one can figure out how to kill it or simply outrun it…we all just stand here transfixed, gaping at the lack of consciousness of something so unwilling to negotiate, it’s only obvious intention seems to be a desire to absorb all in it’s path…so with that, with what’s left in my mind, I sacrifice these words to the gaping maw of The Void…

read the whole thing though, seriously. it’s as close as you’ll get to the sight i once saw of lil billy, curled up under a blankie on the Zwan bus, watching Monday Night Raw.  this guy’s manner makes ryan adams’ seem like dan jones’.


3 Responses to “billy, billy, billy, billy, billy”

  1. Dave3544 Says:

    Let’s face it, it’s not easy being the voice of a generation.

  2. Jason Says:


  3. terrainasaur Says:

    during the summer, i tried to find some gregory corso in the poetry section at powells. guess what i found instead?


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