derm fulls

this is a lad named mr chimp’s contribution to the electrical audio thread devoted to greatest drum fills... what say you? i think grohl on “teen spirit” and ward on “iron man” deserve a mention.  you?

Mr. Washam’s deft yet subtle hi-hat swing break on Song Number One by Rapeman.
Plus about every second on Berserker.

Mr. McEntire’s excellent sense of kit fill on “Jefferson-In-Drag” by Bastro.

Mr. Lo’s drumming prowess on “Tight Around the Jaws,” and all Chavez recordings.

Mr. Barocas’s driving phrase-turnarounds on “68” by Jawbox.

Mr. Dow’s superior construction on “Third Gear Scratch” by Shiner.

Mr. Hurley’s perpetual tightness within the Minutemen catalog.

Mr. Crover’s savant percussion on “Hog Leg” and other songs by Melvins.

Mr. Cameron’s early propulsive pounding on “Gelatin Babies” by Skin Yard.

Mr. McNeilly’s opening salvo on “Mouthbreather,” and all songs from Head through Down.

Mr. Rising’s mercenary traps under Poster Children, Hardvark, Seam, and Lustre King.

Mr. Wyatt’s drumfill odyssey with early Soft Machine.

Mr. Pickeral’s fluid strokes in Truly’s Fast Stories from Kid Coma, and to a lesser extent Screaming Trees.

Mr. Williams’s happy schizo-metering within the whole of Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller).

Mr. Collins superb ’80’s-bombast-prog-cloaking on “Against the Odds.” (this one is pure assumption that he did indeed play on this song).


2 Responses to “derm fulls”

  1. andrew Says:


  2. minx Says:

    Mr. Cathcart Smith’s continuous volcanic fill on all Congratulations tracks.

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