continuing to blog as though he was my own personal question-answerer, dan jones has taken the time to diagnose an ornette album i’ve glared at with skeptical curiosity for many years. on the one hand, i’ve never heard a “bad” ornette album; on the other, the idea of a touch-tone telephone cover seems as preposterous and awesome as it does hysterical and terrible. in what may seem like a jab at old OC, i can officially say that dan’s review makes me feel like i’ve already heard it.. but it also makes me feel like maybe i should fire up my copy of science fiction this evening, as if things weren’t weird enough.


One Response to “l’ornette”

  1. minx Says:

    Tone Dialing has always been one of those albums that holds a complex attraction/repulsion (as in the mysterium tremendum) for me when I look at the cover. I’ve never heard it.

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