well, all good things must come to an end… i broke down and bought an 2 x LP + cd today… how could i not? this band’s making a record seemed  “big deal” enough to  warrant it. but i’m hoping there aren’t any relapses soon.

i really need some rest this weekend. all the stressing and traveling and blowing off steam needs to be treated with something antithetical.  that damned dc encounter has re-tinted whatever moral psychological hues i let filter my take on les politiques.


4 Responses to “indiscreet”

  1. kyle Says:

    2 things:
    The Bottomless Pit album is excellent. It’s gotten a ton of play in our house these past few weeks.

    Andrew, is this Grady site a joke?

  2. andrew Says:

    grady made that site– no joke. i think he sells e-mail addresses or something. I called him– he siad “oh, yes, this is a project i’ve been working on…”

  3. andrew Says:

    read the bio part!

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