hillary, obam-angst

thanks to Barb Ehrenrich for speaking truth to both the (sinister and) boring, and the (increasingly) vacuous*, respectively.  and in correct proportion, no less.

* and no, being vacuous does nothing to inaugurate “a new kind of politics.” how the guy can be ‘electrifying’ while addressing throngs, but downright John Kerry-ish in the debates, is something his people better figure out, lest we suffer the slings and arrows of Clinton/Bayh

** back to blogging Dem politics, i guess…but i haven’t bought any records yet, yet.


3 Responses to “hillary, obam-angst”

  1. minx Says:

    My favorite comment in there: “Lately she’s taken to emitting sudden, inexplicable, bursts of deep laughter–known in the media as “the cackle.” Whether this is a deliberate “humanizing” touch or a glitch in the computer program no one knows.”

  2. wobs Says:

    Time to suck it up, pattyjoe. Your union is on the juggernaut train.

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