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he just kicked ass last night, you know?


another pretty great moment

look who’s back

prove it!

The NYT tells us that Obama tells them it’s time to drop the gauntlet and call out Hillary:

“There is a legacy that is both an enormous advantage to her in a Democratic primary, but also a disadvantage to her in a general election,” he said. “I don’t think anybody would claim that Senator Clinton is going to inspire a horde of new voters,” he said. “I don’t think it’s realistic that she is going to get a whole bunch of Republicans to think differently about her.


“The notion that somehow changing the tone means simply that we let them say whatever they want to say or that there are no disagreements and that we’re all holding hands and singing ‘Kumbaya’ is obviously not what I had in mind and not how I function. And anybody who thinks I have, hasn’t been paying attention.”


Well, I hope you can make a move, sir. Not to sound too trite, but my current disappointment is deepened by the experience of standing alongside my step-son – a no bullshit kind of guy – at a rally, and voting ‘not crap’ for Obama. Obama was as strong in that context as he’s been sheepish in this one. Has he overthought his strategy?

Obama should make a move, or he should let Edwards make a move, Edwards whose actually existing progressive credentials seem hampered most often by his having a Southern accent. Fight and lose – that’s fine, Obama – but don’t strike out looking, buster. So doing you’ll be forfeiting a decisive battle for whatever pittance of a soul remains inside our party. And can’t we at least lose in a way that leaves the center knowing its been in a fight?

damning with faint grace

rough blurb about the parson redheads, who we be opening for on Sunday.

Following a psychedelic rock revival led in part by the success of the Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Dandy Warhols’ documentary, Dig!, Parson Red Heads sound like everyone you have already heard, but it resonates well.

i haven’t been in OR long enough to take seriously the idea of a scene-let inspired by those aforementioned two bands, but it’s all true. au contraire, i have been here long enough to read such a mailed-in review in the EW and figure the jury’s out. the jury’ll always be out on everything, which is why doing your civic duty seems so dangerously, so unfortunately consequential.


the thurston/brokaw/heyner/shelley/tamara was a blow-out. great times.

finance capital

you know, i’d like to back my butt up here before the accusations of paranoia rain down on me like they always, eventually rain down on anybody who talks about capitalism like it’s a thing and not some force of nature, or, worse, something that’s somehow rational.
i just wanna make sure everybody notes that it’s been months, but the subprime motherfuckers still have no idea how much money they’ve actually lost. despite having been repeatedly assured that the worst is over, and despite the continued, orgiastic boom in the market, they still don’t even know how fucked they actually are.

campaign name

hi, america.

it just gets weirder, weirder, weirder and more weird over here, living on a campaign.

noteworthily, i am, like, completely  enthralled with the last Jayhawks album – the Rick Rubin one with the pretty cover

– like nothing since i first heard 100 miles off . i checked this record out from the public library – many props to s/he who (wo)mans the cd buying duties, by le by – and’ve just about fallen into an obsessive sound-trench from it. briefly:

1) forget genre associations, cuz this songwriting and these performances are way more mature than any such. if ryan adams or jeff tweedy make records that even sound 70s-ish, we all applaud. like magnolia electric and anders at their absolute highest heights, this record stops transcends ersatz, homage, etc…. breaking new ground in the old neighborhood. a few of these songs, shucks, i just listen to ’em again and again.

2) what’s going on with rick rubin, btw? there’re parts of that dixie chicks record i really like, too.  that could be a sign that my opinionated-ism is going way south, though… or it could be plain nepotism.

(Word is that step-broth’s band is getting back together.)

we are playing a gig on Sunday – snoider, roob and mew. it’s the new lineup, linus. we’re dusting off a tune from a past life that i’m in particular overjoyed to see retrofit.

what else? the band is going to see thurston/brokaw/shelley at the doug fir tomorrah. what else? raenie. listening to the audiobook version of this,

it’s something to think about. what’s more pomo than fundamentalism, i wonder? weird when belief trumps theory, or when there’s a revival of theories of belief.  it could probably happen to me. all sorts of things happen to people.