awesome mawson

the harriet the spy/party of helicopters split 7″ on usedbinforever

have i talked about this milieu enough? one more brilliant record from these bands and their permutations and they will be apace with the chicago and dc legacies. check out the early stages, and learn to download all the indistinguishably indie and punk rock on usedbin.

mother love bone live on captain’s dead

oh jeebus, this is righteous. grunge played in full-bore, pre-A+R-guy, “dance like no one’s watching” style. the singer makes some really hilarious, almost lex dexter-ish moves during this one, even noisily dispensing candies during the middle of a breakdown. if i can easily reduce these guys to a “pump-era aerosmith with axl rose singing” formula, how can i simultaneously like them. that’s what nostalgia’ll make you do, cholly.

blues explosion circa 95 on captain’s dead

when i write my revisionist masterpiece about indie rock from 1990-1997, there’ll be a whole lotta spinning wheels devoted to jsbx. whether or not they exploded into pop art solopsism, they were once a stunningly brash punk rock group. people go wrong with this band by expecting some sort of “roots rock” affair, oblivious to spencer’s semiotics major from brown. notwithstanding the brainiac pedigree, this IS visceral action, though: just not in an authenticity-crazed way. if the jesus lizard sound more like led zep than you’d think at first glance, then these dudes sound more like the lizard than you’d think. so turn it up and wince, prince.


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