more free doubles

got some new songs from the alb up on the micepus, the oldest and newest tunes to make the alb. go hear! god knows it’ll be a while before this album is an album, so i’ll try to cycle new hits in there.

kentucky inn was a beloved part of the falcon repertoire for a long time, so i had a hard time rehabilitating its solo-ness. that said, it was originally meant for morose, solitary man action, so i think it makes sense. like most songs circa deke, i start off with a still-easy-to-evoke, TN-related memory, then try to language it and leverage it into a sonorous mineshaft. but that doesn’t quite work, here. the song resolves with a bit of moralistic hand-wringing. that’s not pretty but it’s real.  sometimes you need to hear yourself listening to yourself talk.

c’mon may be my favorite composition sur l’alb. it was hard to get it from “piece for solo guitar” status to “song” status, and hard to make it regular enough for (regular enough) choruses and verses. i’m happy with how much song it is and isn’t.

i am currently trying to figure out a way to play these songs in Dixie.


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