party line

 henwood has been kind enough to publish his reading on this (one of many) “crisis” over here…take heed.

trots out there wondering if this is “the big one” should a) learn something about capitalist economic cycles since 1973 (at least), and b) stop rooting for economic insecurity wrought upon millions of people.


4 Responses to “party line”

  1. wobs Says:

    On those latter sentiments – exactly. It reminds me of folks who thought that if we let Bush win in 2000, people would eventually get so pissed off that they’d become radicalized and blah, blah, blah. Could say the same thing about the Spartacus League in the 30s.

    That’s the big intellectual conceit of a lot of Trots, isn’t it, that there’s some looming crisis that will push the masses their way. More and more I suspect this belief as a) a reason for them to be lazy when it comes to organizing or b) a coping mechanism for their failure to win more adherents. I don’t think it’s sound theory.

  2. patwick Says:

    amen, wobs. waiting for capitalism to self-implode is only as “sound” a “theory” as waiting for the kingdom of heaven on earth. organizing it is not.

  3. HisWisdomReigns Says:

    Although I think we can all agree that an evening with Belinda Carlise would be heaven on earth, if not exactly the end of capitalism.

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