nation: chavez bad

nation anti-chavez by young-bruehl

nation anti-chavez by villalobos

letters to editor (pretty virulent, one might say)

alternet rejoinder to the”chavez tromps on freedom of speech”  crowd.

credible, non-Trot/pro-Chavez Venezuelan analysis.

i have no illusions about the “revolution’s” “transcendence” of anything…nor do i deny bureaucracy and incest, etc. ceding that, however, i would love to see “liberals” begin to question the racist presumptions surrounding media representation of the chavez government, and their/our willingness to take those presumptions on. are we so cold war-conditioned that we can’t wonder aloud if maybe the “Chavez” we consume in print and on the tube is really a Straw Man conjured for fear of anybody, anywhere thinking about nationalizing oil or just calling neoliberalism “neoliberalism?”

and why aren’t we pissed about the suppression of “freedom of speech” in a US-backed dictatorships like Colombia?

how come the New York Times doesn’t write about that every week? how come hillary and obama aren’t wrestling to be the first to decry that government?


2 Responses to “nation: chavez bad”

  1. david Says:

    Sorry man, I don’t buy the race card you’re holding forth. I get that people are looking for a successful leader to right the imperial legacy of poverty in latin america, but I don’t understand apologizing for what Chavez is doing.

  2. HisWisdomReigns Says:

    I think what we may have here is an over-reaction by those who think the left-moderates need to reach out to the moderates to win elections. While the left may have a larf when Chavez goes to the UN and calls W. a devil, 80% of ‘mericans recoil at that assertion (after all, out mistakes in Iraq were honest mistakes, no?).

    So our would-be allies are going out of their way to distance themselves from Chavez, and to convince the likes of you and me to distance ourselves as well, so that the Republicans cannot try to tie him to the Demos. I think if you look at the right’s reaction to Obama’s “mistake” of saying he’d meet with world leaders, there is just as much, if not more, attention paid to Chavez as there is to Ahmadinejad.

    There is little upside to embracing Chavez, big downside. Politically speaking. Morally, it may be otherwise.

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