bracket 4, semi-finals

kris kristofferson vs joe strummer

van dyke parks vs pete townsend

(first to five votes wins. i need at least a full sentence – w/ predicate – as to “why” for your vote to count.)

6 Responses to “bracket 4, semi-finals”

  1. minx Says:

    1. Strummer. Although I like the time in 1970 that Kristofferson announced to an enormous booing crowd on the Isle of Wight, “We’re gonna keep playing regardless of anything except rifle fire.” Have I mentioned that before? I’m getting to the Clash right now. Especially the post-punk stuff, if I can use that term. Yo, I’m still waiting for someone to hold forth about Sandinista before I buy it or copy it.

    2. Pete Townsend, ‘cuz I don’t know van dyke. Plus I dig Townsend’s guitar playing in the live context, circa Live at Leeds, baby.

  2. testface Says:

    while london calling ranks way way up there in the all time greats .. strummer never landed his helicopter in j. cash’s front yard just to hand him a mix tape. And not that it matters but … a Scholarship to Oxford??? damn.

  3. jordan Says:

    kristofferson, cause he’s awesome in Blade 2
    Vanny D, cause, you know, Pete doesn’t need anymore attention than he’s already had. I’m with the little guy.

  4. barry Says:

    Kristofferson, because he has THE most absurd statements of the ‘I’m a haggard, drunk poet, livin’ hard’ variety on the back of his albums that I own. And, Borderlord is a totally awesome LP, so I’d go with him on that alone.

    Townsend. I use to have the video of the Who playing at the Isle of Wight, and Pete’s guitar playing was kill-er. He sings so nice, too.

  5. Jason Says:

    Strummer, even though I love kristofferson.

    Townsend, for the same reason as Ben

  6. andrew Says:

    kris- for his acting chops
    pete- because of 1980 – 1982

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