i have such a hi joni thresh-hold, even/especially for the really prosaic, jaco-laden stuff.

(who the eff is that on drms?)

but i have exactly NO thresh-hold for ani, even though she’s more politically prose-y, digs the sea and cake, etc.

anybody else share this concern?

4 Responses to “sludge-a-hi/sludge-a-lo”

  1. Jason Says:

    I have alot more hate for ani than someone like her deserves, really. I’ve found her to be extremely polarizing, for some reason.

    I deleted her song from the Badlands boss trib so I never had to listen to it again.

  2. david Says:

    i feel the same way these days, tho i do admit to having a weird but thankfully short ani interest freshman year in college (i owned one album). i mostly chalk that up to influence by a sexy female who was into her, you know how it goes, but i also liked her early percussive guitar style. anyway, much of joni’s smooth jazz 70s stuff rocks my world, esp. “hejira” and “miles of aisles.” however, despite the involvement of the bass legend himself, “mingus” is total garbage.

  3. minxo Says:

    That’s Tony Williams on the drums, huh?

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