Prisonship Seashore Shirts #2

In your opinion, the difference between ___________ and __________ is what?
– socialist/social democrat (extra credit: /communist)
– liberal/leftist
– republican/democrat

which two terms overlap the least? Between which two are(n’t) you the most torn? c’mon, everybody? i don’t wanna see people laying off just because they don’t (or can’t) quote the Grundrisse. i’d appreciate the political threads here a lot more if more than my wonkish comrades joined in, just as I’d like to hear the wonks get in on art talk.

(edit: or, as wobs would have it, please pick one.)

3 Responses to “Prisonship Seashore Shirts #2”

  1. wobblie Says:

    My gawd. You want expositions on the differences between three different sets of terms in one comment? Separate the threads, I sez, and then I’ll come play!

  2. david Says:

    my father/my father-in-law

  3. Raenie Says:

    Gone all the way/Going
    Going/Gone all the way
    Not going/Going

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