Prisonship Seashore Shirts #3

Giant’s Chair Purity and Control
I have already waxed on this but I need to wax again. One day maybe Kyle or Rob or Abe will be able to explain to me why this kind of music is the one into which my habitus fits (like habitus in glove, if you will or if you won’t.)

Seriously this is a deep fave of mine, and only a recent addition. I long knew the name as an influence intermingled with the Braid/Boys Life constellation, but this Giant’s Chair is something else. Guitar players, where does this tone come from? And record geeks, where is the double LP reissue?

I mean, they’ve finally gotten around to re-releasing the Indian Summer stuff, so it seems like maybe there’s a reckoning coming, Ron.

So as to actually describe this record for lay-ladies and laymen: Giant’s Chair bring guitar rock that is intricate and oddly melodic and often monotone, overeducated vocals. Like “emo,” it seems the term “math rock” connotes something back-handed, so I’ll lay off, even though the Giant’s Chair could be said to emblematize the best of both. In juxtaposition to the more oddly machine-like Red and Clear, this one has gushy, brainy lyricism all over it, in content and in form. Even the unjustifiable, pretentious spoken word departure deep on side 2 seems justifiable and unpretentious.

If you like Unwound, Fugazi, Drive Like Jehu, Jawbox and/or Rodan…and if you grasp the similarities/differences binding/repelling that set…this is something you need to get.

Check this awesome alb out at usedbinforever (scroll. way. down) with a bunch of other amazingness.


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