Some record reviews

Alright, fine.

Heaviness s/t
My fave of 2007? What do I like more? First, I should note that so far 2007 doesn’t have anything on 2006.  This year, most of my faves are checking in with good/not great efforts for the most part (except the weird case of Son Volt, whose mass cd release was a high B, but whose 2lp limited thing is absolutely astonishing, a “return” to form, whatever: I’ll tackle this when I actually get the vinyl.)
Anyway, this Heaviness thing was recommended by the Built on a Weak Spot guy, and it hits me right between my My Bloody Spleen and Flying Saucer Kindey. Awesome dissonant bliss guitars AND synths AND primitivist sci fi drum “sequences.” I’m a sucker for this, I was made for this, so take my rantings in that context. Ooooh! I love this.

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists Living with the Living
Ted Leo was a biggie of an influence on me in more ways than you wanna know…I first met him when Chisel still aped Superchunk more than the Small Faces.  So again, full disclosure: I’m not, uh, “Mr Objectivity Harrison,” over here.
A long time ago, Chisel’s third record reminded me to listen to my inner-dude’s heartsong and remind myself how much I loved Joe Jackson. In a “ten years later” kinda way, this is like that. Which is great. Face is always saved on Leo records when, no matter how much his production tastes creep towards the late early eighties, his “punk” songs still “kick your judgemental face down the street.” I’m even “convinced” by the reggae, but then, I convince myself to identify as a fucking Dem, so…
And there’s the big, money-shot “Jersey Boy” verse in “Bottle of Buckie” that gives me the hots (– which reminds me of something in a contradictory enough kind of way. I definitely, unambiguously prefer the Oregon Coast to the Jersey Shore, pizza pie notwithstanding. Sor…)

Deerhunter Fluorescent Grey ep
Hey! The South has a band that sounds like this now! And it’s awesome. The South may actually end up being the best for this kind of music, now that it’s up and running with it. Wow, it’s like a bunch of androgynous Liars roadies decided to cover Sonic Youth. They’re drunk, not stoned, and there’s one guy in the band who really is more of a Nirvana/Pixies guy, who keeps replacing Saniago-ish minor melody for the Moore-ish drone. If you don’t understand how the above description could be earnest and laudatory and not “damning with faint praise,” then stop reading my wordpress thing.

Sea and Cake To Everybody
Okay, so every one of these reviews is dampened/tempered/nullified by peculiar, parochial proclivities (paroculiaries?). That said, none is more dampened than this one, chits.
I stopped stealing from Sam Prekop a long time ago. Now I just run and hide behind his music: the solo stuff and S + C is like my most reaffirming, blankie-like, Coat-of-Arms-Embossed Shield.
So when I say “I love it, it’s great,” what do I really mean? Maybe I just mean “Feed Me” or something. If this turns into a John Carpenter kind of thing and I end up having to machine gun my hero in a cathartic, gun-soaked fit…well, that sounds good on paper.


2 Responses to “Some record reviews”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    I am with you on 2007 not really holding a candle 2006 thus far music wise. It seems like it started off strong for me, but I haven’t heard anything that has really distinguished itself as the best freaking thing I’ve heard this year. It’s all been this odd plateau of “pretty good”, but not great.

  2. andrew Says:

    what abt Lil’ Wayne?

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