prisonship seashore shirts #1

I will write to you of crime writers and their works.

I will rate these writers on this arbitrary continuum of mine, this axis: at one pole is karl marx, and on the other is james joyce. The further one gets towards the marx pole, the more their work crackles with verite and or ideologokritik. Closer to the Joyce poll means closer to perfect fictive writerly-ness:

Here is a graphic description of this scale, which I will translate into numerical values in the actual postings:

-4                            -2                         0                     2                   4
(Marx)         (Burroughs)          (Chandler)    (Calvino)   (Joyce)

Just you wait and see. See, I name Janwillem van de Weetering as a “2.75,” or Joseph Wambaugh as, say, a “-1.5″….well, now you’ll know what I mean.


3 Responses to “prisonship seashore shirts #1”

  1. dave3544 Says:

    Oh yes, now it will all be clear.

  2. minx Says:

    Lex. Please rate these writers on your scale:
    1. the hoser who wrote Trainspotting
    2. the hoser named John Grishom

  3. minx Says:

    Excuse me. John Grisham.

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