watch and burn/campaign talk

this politico bit alleges a Clinton-Fox pact that most of us’d prolly find plenty believable… it’s just another part of the horrid, mistake-free grandeur that has been the ‘Hillary’ campaign so far.

i guess that’s what happens when you’re an ex-preznit’s wife and an odds-on favorite. i was bemoaning obama’s lack of message to my da recently when he reminded me that all the money in the world cannot buy you the wherewithal to know whom and what one should spend it on. for example, you can dump millions on Iowanese luminaries and GOTV people, but without experience, it’s impossible to know “who’s bullshit and who’s not” (Da’s words.) that’s very true, of course. only experience running national campaigns can hip you to those you need (and those you needn’t) in your organization.

but the other thing is that Obama has been way too lax about HC’s war record. i guess he’s picking his spot?  but maybe Dems don’t even care that Hillary was a hawk until 2006?

anybody watching the debate today? look for a pile-on on Hillary, and look for HC to protect her hold on the center.

One Response to “watch and burn/campaign talk”

  1. wobs Says:

    Be careful with the Politico, my friend – they’re a shady bunch.

    If I might advance another hypothesis: Murdoch has put out a company wide fiat to go light on Hillary, but it has nothing to do with some secret pact and everything to do with the bottom line.

    Let’s think about it – over the next six months, there will be no shortage of attacks on Hillary coming from her own side of the fence – both legitimate attacks on positions she’s taken over the past six years and progressive repetitions of right-wing talking points (like this Ben Smith guy at Politico). Why waste valuable column inches/broadcast time to smear her (I don’t think the News Corp. would traffic in the legit criticism) when her nominal allies will do it for you?

    On the other hand, I think Murdoch and Co. wants Hillary to win the Dem nomination, so their keeping their powder dry for the general election when the can peddle Hill-hate 24/7. Few people are paying attention now, but when showtime rolls around after the primaries, they’ll need the heroin of Hillary to keep their core demographic glued to the front-page/TV. The Murdoch gang and right-wingers certainly dislike Edwards and Obama, but compared to Hill-hate, this period will look like a freakin’ Ecstasy-fueled cuddle puddle.

    On the other hand, it doesn’t make any strategic sense for the Hillary campaign to make a secret deal with FOX. If word ever got out, the shitstorm it would cause would be enormous.

    Simply put, I don’t buy it, and I think this Ben Smith guy is trafficking in gossip from some whisper campaign.

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