what the hell is he talking about?

(feel free to apply this comment to anything he says.)


4 Responses to “gravel”

  1. km Says:

    uh, that’s what we call, um, logic up here in Alaska (you know, if A it follows that B, etc.); now would you just let the man speak?

    (on an unrelated note: 27.1 innings? the nightpriests on the slide due to inattention? what gives?)

  2. km Says:

    come on, he took the train and the bus to get to the debates!

    (watching the tape delay up here in AK–sorry for the delayed-live comments)…

  3. wobs Says:

    Sssssh! Let him slide! Let him slide!

  4. Dave3544 Says:

    It’s the jews, Patrick, you know “financiers,” “Wall Street types”, “money men.” Does the man have to freakin’ spell it out for you?

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