back at you with a grab-bag of stuff.

1) amazing to have the elvira bestow a visit upon our household. excellent, serene hanging and talking in various outdoor settings. i immediately felt better.

2) we made the record last weekend. and i’m really happy, which is heretofore unprecedented with me and recordings (although i guess i like the semi-finals stuff.) but really, i never thought i’d live to, shucks, “make the record i wanted to make.” of course, what i wanted was to sit down with the perfect people and let my songs benefit from their thoughtful input and intense performances.

i am holding out hope that it might be possible to release this on a record instead of on cd.

we recorded 8 songs on Friday the 13th. i felt nervous during the first few takes and would later black out the whole experience of recording “We know who we are” and “what did you go and let them do to you?’  but then later in the late afternoon we got into the zone. and by 8pm, bill the engineer/friend pledged to keep working deep into the night. we made a beer and chip run, then returned. it was really special and hilarious for me personally.

i think the performances speak for themselves. i had no seperation of gtr/acoustic, so i had to do like it was a live show for the most part. dave did some of my favorite guitar playing ever last Friday night…he knew exactly what i was going for in terms of melody and dynamics, and made those goals his own. jordan’s playing on “brown outside” is something you should take time to consider. that son of a gun has shared a lot of time with me in the course of preparing this material. his performances in rehearsal got better and better and better until i couldn’t believe that i was actually going to get to play with him on a recording. then dave joined in and this “band” (god i hope we get to play again sometime) rumbled into the studio. i can only hope i get to play weird, important stuff on their albums some day.

jesus. you can check a few songs out since i got all fascist/glam and started a myspace site. how embarassing. but that doesn’t totally mean you shouldn’t be my friend or anything.

3) really sorry for the lapse in blogging, it won’t be repeated. i miss e-conversing with you players all regular-like, even when i’m running around doing stuff like record albums and campaigns. what’s it all for if i don’t spread it around with you people? spread it around like a slick, chunky paste.

5 Responses to “back at you with a grab-bag of stuff.”

  1. david Says:

    the tunes on myspace aren’t working, it says “error loading xml document” or some shite like that. glad to see you’re back on the blog!

  2. angela Says:

    They worked for me, and they sound great Pat, seriously. Nice work.

  3. jordan Says:

    Uhh, that was me, not Angela.

  4. angela Says:

    but I agree, 100%. My language would have been a bit more flowery and gushy, but I completely agree with Jordan: very nice work.

  5. frank Says:

    man, I like these songs too – I’m excited ’bout hearin’ more

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