dwnld und cnt stp

downloaded and can’t stop listening to mother love bones’ “chloe dancer/crown of thorns.” remember, from the Singles soundtrack?

if i described it as a combination of “november rain”-era g and r pomp and 90s aerosmith swaggering…well, it wouldn’t sound as good as it is. but i like it. yeah, child.

stone gossard on guitar, though? those is some cheesy licks.


Patton Oswalt on the KFC Famous bowls

stay with it.

i want him to win the nomination. so. bad.

what?!?!? peggy noonan?!?!?

so mitt’s in third place nationally – way the eff back, like edwards – but winning in new hampshire and iowa. he’s also won the largest amount of gop political contributions in oregon (like edwards w/ dems.) can you imagine how cool and hallucinatory it would be to have a whole election cycle up close with this dog?


(edit… oops. this is a pro-Hillary vid. well, now you know how “fair and balanced” we is over at the prisonship.)

i need to remind myself that it is way, way, way too early to be prognosticating, but…

i am very impressed by obama’s making hay from the youtube debate snafu. hillary’s staff clearly prompted her to jump on any imaginable difference of opinion between her and her adversary, and to paint it as a question of experience versus untested idealism. if this has not quite bitten her in the ass, it has shown that a) obama is ready, willing, and capable of coming back on her, and b) that she is capable of making mistakes.

maybe this excites me because it’s showing a side of obama that i for one needed to see before i could get too riled up. i don’t know how much you buy into the idea that he’s attempting a Reagan-style ‘insurgency for change,’ but it makes me think… maybe if he is as charismatic as he seems, and maybe if our demographic were actually to take it to the polls… well, maybe we could stop another four years of clintonian circle jerk?

another thing mixing

so i’m mixing the record. and i have career stuff on the horizon and career characters in town whom i can’t identify clearly as either protagonists or antagonists.
i’m wickedly sick, shuddering and wrenching my tongue into pulp. it’s hard to concentrate on mixing when you’re clammy like this.

but in a way mixing’s what i need to be doing. because, praise be, i have a feeling that, with the completion of this album shall come a kind of funerary catharsis. finishing this album, i see two hard years and five ugly sides of me vanquished on a viking funeral schooner. c’mon… pick up a super-soaker filled with bleach and douse that effigy.

it’s already phase three, now. we’re just putting phase two on cassette, is all. for later.


ooh, i’m back from a 3-day work orgy in the big town, featuring odd ‘clandestine shit in the night.’

i’ve gotten sick. my vocal chords are in some liquid-solid state. i’ve got zizek to watch, which may or mayn’t be vomit-inspiring. few things are so depressing as laying down, sick in the daytime with the shades drawn and lights off.

‘mixing the record tomorrow. – p


what the hell is he talking about?

(feel free to apply this comment to anything he says.)