strk a fok in it

the dog shines on a porcelain dog’s back door once in a while, even. similarly, this pitchfork dude’s review of the underwhelming but not bad easy tiger.

the lyrics are totally half-done, which can be good in the sense that i always enjoyed trefz hayden glossing over important plot points with a slap-dash ‘a series of events later…’ but this isn’t that. i’ve felt ryan’s syndrome in my own tiny way, too – what happens when you write too many songs isn’t that the riffs run dry. the problem is that you run out of lyrics. note how bob pollard had shifted to mostly rhyme-driven abstractions before gbv even started releasing records that anyone heard.  and tweedy hasn’t really written a memorable (maybe i mean ‘personable’) line since ‘company in my back.’ when i finally get around to addressing sn vlt again, we’ll talk about similar problems on that end (though nowhere near as pronounced as tweedy/ry-ry’s.)

i really like the ‘solo album jerry’-ish opening track, though. and the duet w/ crow. it’s really the album tracks that suck.


One Response to “strk a fok in it”

  1. Jason Says:

    The guy makes a good point: every one of his last few albums has a few total suck-bombs in there…It’ll be nice if that’t not the case with Easy Tiger…Anyway, I’ll buy it, what the hell

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