i write so few pomes that sometimes i run repeat episodes.

Nobody Bless Me, Please
(for Philip Larkin)

I can’t quite make it – I’m unavailable.
I’ve been detained, you see?
Variables such as this and that proved un-vanquishable.
And all my best wishes and fond ambitions find themselves
reigned in, you understand?

And all your hopes have subsequently waned- pride proved
malleable, stone proved permeable –
And a loss so vibrant some called it electrical
sizzled out into our crowd, reminding us just who is not pliable after all.

And if time is the fancy dandy in charge of who
Ambles up to which place at which table, I fancy
I’ll still try to dine.  Willing, if unable, I might
glimpse a sun ray between winces.  I might
figure how flesh makes fodder for games of chance,
unfolding willy-nilly
besides fabled reiterations of spirits, moralities,
and so many other, untoward imponderables.


One Response to “rerun”

  1. angela Says:

    thank you.

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