oh my sweet carolinans

1) last week’s Sunday Times had a big profile of Ry-Ry Adams, replete with tales of heroin addiction. i certainly had no idea this was the case. i’ve always identified with a dude like ryan adams, the man who sang ‘i started this damn country band/cuz punk rock was too hard to sing.’ it’s scary to read about that stuff, since i naively decided that ry-ry was probably just a regular frat-punk like me. what do you all think of the new record? it reminds me of gold, it being another one of those ‘let’s make a million bucks’ records. but that’s good, actually. sometimes i would rather make year of the cat then spiderland, too. i am shocked every day by how many people are too cool to deal with this guy as a songwriter. he’s a big deal. twenty years from now you’ll pretend you liked him all along.

2)  we should all enjoy this john edwards campaign while it lasts, cuz the second he’s out the whole discourse is going to get way more centrist. the new york times did a total hatchet job on the guy yesterday, and he’s not pulling in enough money to compete much longer…UNLESS, of course, he wins Iowa. in which case we’re still alive. seriously, this is the most left-leaning mainstream presidential candidate that America has enjoyed in a while…not that that’s saying much. the guy’s not exactly a brainiac or a socialist or anything, but he’s actually trying to fuck with payday loans, NLRB reform and buttressing the social safety net. twenty years from now you’ll pretend you liked him all along.


2 Responses to “oh my sweet carolinans”

  1. minxo Says:

    I like Ryan Adams. My favorite album, despite what was written in the Times profile, is Love is Hell (the complete version). It’s a melancholy, subtle collection with a beautiful textural feeling. No bummers for me on it. I like all of the other albums, too, especially Heartbreaker and Jacksonville City Nights. The most uneven ones, in my opinion, are Cold Roses and Rock N Roll. I haven’t heard the new one. I hope he’s steered away from pseudo-Dead numbers.

    Anyone else?

  2. BJ Says:

    Sheryl Crow: crap

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