does anybody remember gaunt? they were an amazing, under-heralded and intelligent punk band from Ohio. overshadowed by guided by voices, the new bomb turks and others, gaunt… is like jawbreaker in the way that their simultaneous punk-as-fuck and melodic thing makes one want to appropriate and rehabilitate the term ‘pop-punk.’ i was truly saddened to hear their funny and awesome frontman jerry wick died way too young.

anyway, there’s great, as yet uncollected 7″ stuff of gaunt’s over at the always rad  somethingilearnedtoday.

it’s great to be feeling the punk records again. i can never tell when i’m going to have one of these spells. part of it’s the time logged in the squids, i think. and part of it’s all the insanely great records, lives lived, years spent muttering ‘punk rock! beer in your face’ at shellfish. anyway, .


One Response to “gaunt”

  1. dan Says:

    You bastard, you have monopolized the Eugene Public Library’s copy of the 4th Mankell novel and I have gone an’ purchased it at Border’s!

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