hilskuh di

my current fave band is norton/mould/hart (bell/chilton/stephens, be seated, pls). sometimes i just read old interviews and gush til i puke til i cry.

mould on ‘politics’ in punk rock: “‘Anarchy’ — great. Where did it come from? It rhymed with ‘I Wanna Be’.”

on the band name:  “It’s not like– Social Red Youth Dynasty Brigade Distortion.”

(flier snatched from the wonderful husker du archive.)


2 Responses to “hilskuh di”

  1. david Says:

    What’s the concensus on Sugar? I’m not too familiar with Husker Du or Bob Mould, but I was in a used bookstore recently and found a copy of File Under: Easy Listening for $3, so I bought it. Figured maybe it was one of those early 90s alternabands that I needed to check out. It fails to impress me except for one or two tracks, pretty bland early 90s alternative rock. Any other thoughts?

  2. wobs Says:

    That’s not a Raymond Pettibon drawing, is it?

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