a tourney: rd 1

round 1:

david byrne vs  joni mitchell

ryan adams vs  elliot smith

elton john vs elvis costello

gene clark vs leonard cohen

first to 5 pts wins.. you must answer each matchup or yr vts dn’t cnt.

18 Responses to “a tourney: rd 1”

  1. minx Says:

    My picks:
    1. Joni Mitchell (I don’t like the Talking Heads no matter how much I try)
    2. Ryan Adams (not familiar with Elliot Smith, anyway)
    3. Elton John (close one)
    4. Leonard Cohen

  2. kyle Says:

    1. David Byrne
    2. Ryan Adams
    3. Elvis Costello
    4. This one’s really mean. I guess Leonard Cohen though.

  3. frank Says:

    David Byrne
    Ryan Adams
    Elton John
    Leonard Cohen

  4. lexdexter Says:

    it’ll be interesting to see if the NW-ers balance out the Dixie Dudes on the ry-ry vs. elliot debate… i’d pick ry-ry, but i think _either/or_ is better than any solo adams alb. probably belongs in my ‘best of 90s’ top 20.

    nothing like a poll to reinvigorate the old blogosphere, uh?

  5. jordan Says:

    I agree with Frank most of the time, including now.

  6. jonathan Says:

    david byrne
    elliot smith
    elton john
    leonard cohen

  7. angela Says:

    ryan- but only because of whiskeytown and heartbreaker
    leonard, but I agree with Kyle- I base this decision mainly on my deep feelings for So Long, Marianne.

    I didn’t think anyone else would vote for Joni!

  8. km Says:

    1. david byrne
    2. elliot smith (no question, here)
    3. elvis costello
    4. leonard cohen

  9. Wilbro Says:

    Like Jordan, I agree with Frank.

  10. coffeeblackandcigarettes Says:

    Joni Mitchell
    Elliott Smith
    Historically Elvis Costello, lately Elton John
    Gene Clark

  11. lexdexter Says:

    don’t look now, but elton “sad songs say so much” john has ousted elvis costello in what’d have to be called a major upset.

    welcome to le prisonship, where we pea on your college rock canon…usually to the tune of 70s album rock.

  12. Barry Says:

    1. David Byrne (Their saturday night live performance of “take me to the river” is weird enough to get this vote)
    2. Ryan Adams
    3. Elton John
    4. Gene Clark!!!!

  13. andrew schmidt Says:

    i’m with barry, straight down the left side of the bracket

  14. minx Says:

    I don’t know. Someone help me here. Why do the Talking Heads get on my nerves so much? Don’t be mean to me.

  15. wobs Says:

    Late to the fucking party again, and all the cheez-whiz is gone.

    1. Byrne
    2. Smith
    3. Costello
    4. Cohen

  16. david Says:

    byrne (this one was toughest for me)
    adams (i’ve never understood smith’s popularity)

  17. Elvira Says:

    Joni Mitchell
    Ryan Adams
    Elton John
    Leonard Cohen

    These were easy.

  18. rob Says:


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