quckly, offhndawhdly

1) home is well. my orchids were drooping only hours ago, but they’re leaning back toward the light, well watered and everything.

2) working my job sometimes makes me feel like the Denzell Washington character in Pelican Brief. not like an academic.

3) speaking of things that don’t make me feel like an academic, i’m back on a research project with a beloved Prof on the topic of rightist anti-tax clop-trop. its all hosted by the center for the study of women in society, where i worked last semester and where i like working best. le Prof wants me to come back to the university under her wing in 2008, write a dissertation about the effed up dissipation of this or that tentpole institution of the welfare state, then break out onto the job scene, maybe to teach or maybe to campaign.

4) i am very close to having a recording date set for my album doubles. some quick arrangement decisions need to be made.

also i listened to a tape of riffs i’d made for the “new band” this wknd.  unlike the solo record, which has a lot of would-be-writerly affect and gestures towards formal whatevs, the songs for this band are in a grounded, brash, “lex dexter as roadhouse guy” thing. at this point in my life, i think that’s just what happens when i try to “do” “punk rock.”

i was talking about my coming band the other night, and a squidsmate remarked, ‘well, at least we’ll always have a good opening act.’ i think he was serious… well i don’t know about that, but i do know that this last year has definitely seen me on the coolest bills i’ve ever played. and the squids/dan are responsible for most of that. we’ve done steve wynn, dinosaur and soon john doe together. crazy. starting a new band will mean thursday nights and six put-upon friends, again. any ex-falcon’ll tell you that’s actually the best shit, though.

5) new records? i’ve gotta get that new deerhunter ep, because that LP has really grown on me. nail said he saw this band live? damn. they’ve got a serious thing going on. it’s high concept, but not enough to distract from the serious, sinister, wash-y thoiston gtr idea. and they’re perfect as kranky’s “rock” band.

6) read a bunch of internal documents from a socialist organization with which i’ve collaborated in the past. if i were to write a 5,000 word essay on the state of the US far left, i’d title it Plus ca change…through it all, there’s always a chance you’re going to descend into a volley of battles over who’s ‘trotskyist’ and whose ‘trotskyite.’ thank god everything’s going so well for the socialist wing of the Democratic Party. edwards has seemingly plateaued, though he’s still well-off in iowa. at least half of the dems are apparently cool with the idea of “guest” “workers.” somebody speculate on life lived as such a guest. think of our militarized border enforcement as “hosts.”  i know that the Democrats need to want to win the South, which is what keeps me from dreaming about a rupture with the so-called Blue Dogs. the Dems should be mobilizing people, legalizing people, and looking for their vote. if we and they became “us,” there’d be enough of us to beat them…ha! i’m actually taking a relative break from les politiques, and i’ll try to keep it that way one more night.

2 Responses to “quckly, offhndawhdly”

  1. Jason Says:

    yeah, they did their CD release show at the 40 Watt. It was pretty good. One of the band members went to high school with one of my roommates, so we got in free. You should definitely get the record…though I think its a little hit and miss, the hits are very good

  2. dan Says:

    That comment about opening for the squids was totally out of line, I should have called him on it, ah well. I’m sure we’ll open you for you, you’ll open for us, whatever the fuck.

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