second honeymoon

between my job and the research i’m doing for a prof, i feel like i’m falling in hate with free market economics all over again. i wonder if it’ll make a trot out of me, yet.

i’m interested in exploring an absurd ‘Trots for Romney’ angle in future posts.


chris benoit murder-suicide.

i think i am done with wrestling.


i write so few pomes that sometimes i run repeat episodes.

Nobody Bless Me, Please
(for Philip Larkin)

I can’t quite make it – I’m unavailable.
I’ve been detained, you see?
Variables such as this and that proved un-vanquishable.
And all my best wishes and fond ambitions find themselves
reigned in, you understand?

And all your hopes have subsequently waned- pride proved
malleable, stone proved permeable –
And a loss so vibrant some called it electrical
sizzled out into our crowd, reminding us just who is not pliable after all.

And if time is the fancy dandy in charge of who
Ambles up to which place at which table, I fancy
I’ll still try to dine.  Willing, if unable, I might
glimpse a sun ray between winces.  I might
figure how flesh makes fodder for games of chance,
unfolding willy-nilly
besides fabled reiterations of spirits, moralities,
and so many other, untoward imponderables.

were you there when they rolled away the stone?

favorite mp3 blog is back online again. maybe i’ll start reading them things again.. maybe just this one and a few others, rather then surveying my bookmark folder of 6million.

efca dies

perhaps you remebmber months ago the Employee Free Choice Act passed the House. the bill promised to make union elections more fair (i.e., slightly less corrupt than Eastern Bloc ‘elections’)… well the Senate GOP saw to it that said Act died yesterday, and apparently that wasn’t worthy of the front page.

here’s AFL-CIO frontman John Sweeney on the matter.  if you believe the contention that 60million Americans would join a union if they could – and i do – there’s something to be said for remembering how much politics goes on beyond the purview of the front page, and how there are plenty of Americans left who cannot even afford sub-prime mortgages yet and haven’t been coddled into apathy by debt-financed suburbo-lethargy.

slobs vs. snobs, people. the snobs own the papers but there’s more of us.

speaking of

my brother testface has a blog now. you should buy his record doctor, which sits on the top shelf of eugene albs (next to white hot oddysey.)

but you should just read the blog, too, the guy’s a great wroter.

and speaking of  blogging, i am trying to get back into some sort of rhythym. at this point i’m on the cmptr all day, and go outside maybe thrice daily for a coffee. i need to find an mp3 host, but i’m trying to find the time/space to raise questions rather than linking to clips/blips. it also hurts that i don’t want to talk about my job, because that and fam’re so foremost in my mind that i’m hard-pressed for comment.

jordan mp3d some practice recordings of ours the other day, so mebbe i’ll unleash a doubles demo soon.

Chris Brokaw

i cultivate a lot of brownhaired, monotone role models, eh? brokaw is a godfather of the pattyjoe/testface school.
shellac gig notwithstanding, the tara jane o’neil set (feat. brokaw) was the real highlight of touch and go fest.