on chant and strum…end times records

thank christ, i was starting to think this wasn’t going to happen: 

“On Chant and Strum”, a deluxe edition of The Search which features all 22 tracks from the band’s recording session, will be released July 24 on double vinyl. This will be a limited pressing of 1,000 copies.

you know i was thinking just last night…not since the semi-finals 7″ has a band so negligently left its best material off the record.

another thought that had me going on the long ride home last evening: pomo-apocalypto rock albs. i was thinking about this because The Search is best read – not heard, mebbe – as a “sign of the times,” paranoia record. then i thought, how many records have been made, or at least received, as variations on the “modern times/industrial chaos/center will not hold/existential dread/nuclear wasteland/computers ate my soul” theme. for my money, Sister, Zen Arcade, The Modern Dance and Dub Housing all evoke this sorta stuff. and clearly Kid A is taken to be part of this canon, just as Yankee Hotel is believed to embody said dread. ooh, i almost forgot the criminally underrated The Gap, which is itself a play on The Wall, so maybe I should include that, too. a series of related questions:

which is the first record of this subgenre?

which is your fave?

have we had enough?

which records are undeservedly typecast as exemplars of this whole thing?

what’s the sociological basis for our hearing/wanting to hear end-times-y, Mr. Roboto-ish night tremors in every vocoder-ed warble?

are there hip-hop albs that deserve inclusion in this canon? if not, why not?


3 Responses to “on chant and strum…end times records”

  1. terrainasaur Says:

    “are there hip-hop albs that deserve inclusion in this canon? if not, why not?”

    Wu Tang Clan’s _Forever_ always struck me as that kind of vibe. maybe more anger than dread, though.

  2. Wilbro Says:

    The Fall’s song “The Classical” offa “Hex Enduction Hour” hits me just right on this tip…It’s what I wanna listen to if I’m on a jetliner that’s outta fuel and goin’ down fast.

  3. jordan Says:

    This is an excellent question that I unfortunately just read, and I’m leaving for Sao Paulo in an hour and don’t have time to give a thoughtful answer.
    Another question (sorry to bust out a meta-issue): are there or will there be albums that reference this as a “type” of album to make, producing a musical output within the “apocalyptic” mold; or maybe an album satirizing/mockin it? Did the flaming lips do that?

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