darling of the right wing ur-media, ‘aficianado’

yep. well it happened to n’uncle, then it happened to me! this here blog has been cited by union facts, where some wanky cato institute reject is prancing around the blog-o realm looking for clues: it’s not my fault you hate working people, Luther. didn’t you read the blog entry, spanky? you done did exactly what I said you do.

but seriously, horse-snorkel… here’s a free tip on me: i may be a ‘labor aficianado,’ but the real thing is over here. maybe you could use it for your magnum opus re: the privatization of fun, or whatever.

oh, for those unaware of horseface’s pedigree, meet his guru, Rick Berman (from sourcewatch):

Ethics violations

In the early 1990s, Berman was tied to former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich through possible ethics violations involving Gingrich’s PAC (GOPAC). In 1993, Berman made a $25,000 contribution to Kennesaw State College for Gingrich’s class on “Renewing American Civilization” on condition that Gingrich teach ideas supported by EPI (Berman’s anti-worker “Institute.”) House Ethics Committee reports revealed that Berman’s contribution was solicited by GOPAC and that Berman had already helped GOPAC in recruiting big donors. In the cover letter to the check, Berman thanked Gingrich for his “help” in enabling Berman to testify at a Congressional hearing on another matter of interest to the industry.

oh well, at least he didn’t find out about this damning link….



it’ll be worth a clinton presidency when we get to employee free choice act the crap out of these true believer chumps. then we’ll fund universal health care (i.e. free abortions) with their bosses’ death taxes.


3 Responses to “darling of the right wing ur-media, ‘aficianado’”

  1. Dave3544 Says:

    Hey! I had read that blog entry, but I didn’t roll over the links. Did you know this cheesebag is form the UO? Editor of the Commie-hater. I wance kicked him out of the GTFF office for being a wanker.

  2. Wilbro Says:

    Wow, Pat…Think of it this way: You’re famous!

  3. Center for Union Lies Says:

    […] of the argument (and I’m not the only little guy to get the treatment by far, for one, read Prison Ship’s post on the same topic), that’s pretty stunning evidence that the argument holds water in my […]

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