baffroooom, such loveseats

yesterday i jumped in a filling station restroom in lovely Albany. immediately i was struck – as if by a ‘spiked bat’ (Wu) – by the fragrant things happening. i’d forgotten how somewhere, there’s somebody producing a baffroom air freshener that smells exactly like cherry pez. now, i’m not talking about the far more popular freshener that is more of a sour/sweet, chemical cherry thing (i experienced that in a mexican restaurant, also in Albany, 12 hours later.) – that stuff smells more like Cherry Skoal tastes. anyway, the stuff i’m talking about had a cherry pez smell.

ps – le prisonship n’endorse pas l’utilization de Skoal, ou d’autres tabacs sans fumes. bien sur, il faut eviter quelques fauteils comme ca. au contraire, c’est neccessaire qu’on mange beaucoup des frites.

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