what’re you supposed to say?

i dunno what you’re supposed to say. but the latest numbers tell quite a tale.

3,433 US dead from the Iraq adventure.

387 dead from the worldwide Operation Enduring Freedom.

crease’s helpful meter tells us we’ve spent $430 billion on these and thousands of other deaths.

One Response to “what’re you supposed to say?”

  1. wobs Says:

    That’s billion.

    Driving home from Portland, I listened to NPR’s wall-to-wall Memorial Day coverage while the rest of the fam napped. I had a lot of time to think, and thinking about the total cost – the tens of thousands wounded, god knows how many Iraqis, the broken families, the total misery that this war has brought to a certain group of people that will all told probably number in the millions.

    And how insulated from it the rest of us our. Life during wartime really shouldn’t be a party or a disco. But here we are.

    What are we supposed to say?

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