coming of age pants

absolutely love this referendum over at minx’s place re: urban outfitters*.

what started as a coming of age rant for me – i don’t have time to loot thrift stores or malign places that sell clothes that look like the clothes i used to get at thrift stores* – has turned into a lengthy, soul-searching discourse. combine that with elvira’s big news and i feel like the blogo-sphere has served up some choice chances for me to, uh, get to know myself. right.

and it’s just always really nice to hear a bunch of like-minded fratboys talk about pants. i’ll be damned proud when the day comes that i find myself trying on a new pair of something and lo and behold, they’re playing meiberg’s band on them speakers.

*  full disclosure:  i’d probably buy corduroy jeans from ann coulter if she was the only one who sold ’em.  thems are just de rigeur for me, and they’re what made me swallow my whatever and go into urb outfrs…tasted fine.


One Response to “coming of age pants”

  1. rob Says:

    i’ve paid too much for cord jeans. i spent years trying to duplicate the ones i “inherited” from neener, some 70’s grey jobs, and when i found “them,” they were expensive. i bought two pairs. but i found them.

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