chasepack fury in des moines

nice to see some of the other pundits are joining me in handicapping each parties’ second-tier of presidential hopefuls.

on the dem side, which is less interesting, i believe it’s right to say that bill richardson is the only candidate with a chance at crashing the party. an aside – i am not convinced that any of the first tier candidates can win. one is all way out by himself on the left, one is a man of color, and the other is hillary clinton. somebody has to win this race, i know, but when i imagine it now it’s still like a Cubs/BoSox world series in which both teams’re destined to lose against all odds.

who the hell knows what’s going on with the republicans? is newt gingrich their al gore
waiting in the wings? he’s a true conservative, i suppose. and smart. and horrible.

then there’s the fred thompson bit. among the chasepackers you get a lot of white guys asking, ‘why not me? i’m a true conservative.’ but they’ve no bread or no cred. i have a hard time telling tancredo/gilmore/hunter apart, cuz whenever they even halfway open their mouths i scat myself.

then there’s ron paul. ah, ron. who are you? maybe you could take on michael moriarity as a veep?

i dare each and every one of you to read this latter moriarity link, by the way. to the degree that it’s absolutely impossible to pin this guy on any extant ideological spectrum, his “announcement” is the stumpifying equivalent of a john zorn gamepiece, drifting chaotically from ‘place’ to ‘place.’ ben stone, baby. thanks to uncle for hipping me to these politico outer limits in a comfort inn.


One Response to “chasepack fury in des moines”

  1. wobs Says:


    Those old L&O re-runs just got hella more interesting!

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