Governor Romney: Protecting America

but this was my favorite moment:

romney on gitmo = not crap

note the straw man technique a la uncle cecil et W. “some people say…/but i say…”


5 Responses to “”

  1. rob Says:

    how many audience members had immediate orgasms during this?

  2. lexdexter Says:

    seriously. burroughsian orgasm faucets, they each became.

    tho one out of five retained the strength to nod purposefully and say, “that’s right, yes!”

  3. wobs Says:

    Actually, I do say “close gitmo.” Does that mean it’s still a straw man?

    It’s an out-fascisting contest!

  4. lexdexter Says:

    of course i’m sure we’d ALL say ‘close gitmo’ if allowed the opportunity. but that’s what’s funny.

    to these dudes – and really, ‘dudes’ is a good name for ’em – i don’t think closing gitmo is on the table. not even on the table.

    not even on the damned table. it makes me woozy. mccain was the only dude on this panel to question torture, both as a fact-gathering mechanism and as an exercise of power. the other 8 guys were proud to talk about their willingness to torture.

  5. wobs Says:

    I’m so use to the “some say” construction as a way for FOX to inject unsourced material into their news accounts that I forget that it can be shorthand for any number of other things, like tarring John McCain as a dirty fucking hippie.

    BTW – when was the last time McCain looked sensible?

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