crap/not crap: tom petty

i wanna hear everybody on this issue. don’t run away.


14 Responses to “crap/not crap: tom petty”

  1. lexdexter Says:

    bonus points for whoever names all four persons pictured above.

  2. minx Says:

    Lex – the pic didn’t come thru. Anyway, I would say “not crap.” I particularly like Petty’s early ’80s records, if I remember correctly. “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” and “Refugee” stand out in my memory, as does that tune with the futuristic video, “You Got Lucky, Babe” (or whatever the real title is). That said, I’ve never bought any of his work. A friend of mine once described Petty as a good songwriter with a lazy streak. I think I agree with that assessment. I don’t change the station when “Free Fallin'” or “Last Dance With Mary Jane” comes on. I kinda like “Runnin’ Down a Dream.”

  3. minx Says:

    Hey Lex, I was wanting your opinion of this Iggy video performance:

  4. Jason Says:

    Is that Will Martin on the right?

    Tom Petty is a hard one. He has some good tunes out there, however, his voice, for some reason, sort of unsettles my stomach. I have no idea why, but it bugs me, and I do usually turn the station when he comes on. But I recognize his contributions. Also, he and fellow heart-breakers are pretty awesome as a rockabilly backup band on Johnny Cash’s Unchained album. So, not crap…

    Patrick, here’s a stab at the bonus points-lou reed, bob dylan, tom petty, and ….elvis costello?

  5. wobs Says:

    An unequivocal not crap. At least up through Full Moon Fever (I’m a little more ambivalent about most of his work in the 90s). But his tunes have great melodies, fantastic hooks, you can sing along to them, and, most significantly, his 80s work sounds like unpretentious rock ‘n roll, bar band style. A Tom Petty’s Greatest Hits album is a necessity, in my book, for a cross-country road trip.

    Hmm… speaking of which…

  6. jordan Says:

    No, Jason, that’s Will’s dad on the right.
    Not crap, but I want to highlight that not crap doesn’t necessarily imply much enthusiasm. He played mainstream rock in the eighties and didn’t sound like a total hoser, so the dude deserves some credit.

  7. testface Says:

    Reed: Hey randy, what the hell were you getting at when you penned “You Can Leave Your Hat On” ?

    Neuman: ” Shiny, shiny, shiny boots of leather”. that was about spankins wasn’t it?

    Dylan: you guys are freaks.

    Petty: Who’s got buds?

  8. testface Says:

    oh yeah … not crap all around (with the exception of 80’s era dylan)

  9. dan Says:

    Definitely not crappo. Sophistos and meatheads alike may tip their cap to Carl Perkins, Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison and that classy tradition of rock and roll (for instance, that horrible yuppie wine tent song about Elvis on Neil Young’s Prairie Wind, ugh) but TP carries it on. Impeccably crafted tunes within reasonable limits about basic human stuff, album after album. He’s the Cal Ripken of rock/pop.

    I do wish the Jeff Lynne era had ended at Full Moon Fever. How does he make the background vox sound like stacks of lacquered Necco wafers? Is it 400 compressed tracks of…Jeff Lynne?

  10. david Says:

    not crap indeed. i wish i’d caught his summer tour last year, i heard it was teh shit. not many can play a three hour show of nothing but top 10 numbers.

  11. Dave3544 Says:

    not crap…’nough said here with out my hay-penny thrown in, but did want to give a shout out to “American Girl,” one of my all-time, all-timey favorites.

  12. Raenie Says:

    So not crap it’ll blow your mind.
    Lou Reed…never mind, someone else already won high praise for the I.D. part.

  13. tronn Says:

    Wow… I thought this one would be totally one-sided i was just wrong on what side that was……TOTAL CRAP!!!

  14. Barry Says:

    I saw him in Nashville two summers ago, David. You didn’t miss anything.

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