dave emory

i’ve fallen back into the dave emory pocket, and i don’t wanna know what that means. emory is an “anti-fascist researcher” outta somewhere in the Valley, i think. he’s sort of like a liberal art bell hopped up on his own single-mindedness… once a week, emory spins a crazy web in which, you guessed it, an underground reich has emerged from a victorious proxy cold war brandishing, you guessed it, an only-recently-discernible alliance w/ the fascist and Islamist “milieu” whose iceberg-tip we call ‘al qaeda.’

it’s all nazis really, you see. as far as i can tell, emory started off “researching” the jfk assasination, only to discover horrifying linkages between 1) the subsequent, george h. w. bush-manned cover-up; 2) the right-wing, neo-fascist ex-Company boys who perpetrated the thing and framed lee harvey; and 3) nazi ex-pats, nazi also-rans, etc.

again, i can only vaguely summarize emory’s thesis, partially because its so byzantine that one would need to devote a life – as has emory – to wrapping your mind around it…and partially because of its ‘correlation = causality,’ tautological construction (more on that later). but soon enough, the nazi front is also pictured pulling the strings behind nixon’s rise and fall. then emory steps back, and decides it’s first necessary “how the US lost world war 2.” what i love about what i like about emory is his stubborn refusal to admit that radio is not a perfect form for footnotes, qualifications, and a backwards-bending argumentation more befitting of a malcom lowry novel.  thus we’re sometimes treated to episode-length mini-expositions of European Death Metal and proto-fascism, Ralph Nader and proto-fascism, Boyd Rice/Anton Lavey and proto-fascism….the Vatican, Freemasonry, Carl Jung, John Foster Dulles, etc. Oh, and fascism: the Third Reich gone underground, the Muslim Brotherhood as their proxy attaches, the European New Left as its unwilling thugs. all these facets are displayed (maybe ‘explained’ is too strong a word) in a “thorough manner,” replete with multiple readings from newspapers, government documents and the works of other “researchers.”  emory delivers all this data in a voice and cadence that would go great with a young-adult civics film strip…its one bizarre obedience to the dictates of “good radio” amidst his 1,523 transgressions thereof.

i discovered emory as a teen in the middle-90s, which were of course more relatively placid days then i could’ve realized at the time. after 9/11, one might say that the stakes were raised for us slacker-gawkers in the audience…but not for emory. he’d seen this attack coming all along, and by the time it came, his worldview couldn’t’ve gotten more eschatological. but the data intensifies, gets even more distilled. epiodes are spent playing recordings of older episodes and reconciling earlier prophecies with new articles in high times; nazism and islamism are shown to be older than nazism, actually. the collapse of our freedom-loving way of living becomes inevitable, so much so that even emory wonders why he keeps on “researching…” and has to bear his soul/spiritualism in a bizarre fireside chat.

it keeps going. i must say i gagged and took a six-month break when emory took an unapologetically pro-israel stance on last summer’s war. but i’ve come back, because there’s part of me that needs to hear regularly from someone who believe’s what he’s saying, thinks his methods are airtight and his cause is necessary. plus there’re the added apolitical joys that obtain to emory’s half-gushy, half-anal interviews with “researchers” of varying stature…the fervor with which he recommends the show’s accompanying blogs… and his plaintive appeals for donations. it’s still possible to get reasonably-priced emory archives, too: ask angela and jerry, who received just such an unsolicited windfall as a tribute to their nuptuals. on top of that i gave him a donation, myself.

anybody else ever gone down this road? taste it today for the first time, free through the heavenly wfmu.

ps – eugenians take note of emory’s recent tirades contra lyndon larouche.

pps – emory’s thinking merits a criticism resonant with the only one i could think to level upon the work of my favorite, fredric jameson. ‘criticism goes like this: when your life work’s spent showing how something called “marxism” can abide radical opposites and unidenticals through its very dialectical-ness… well. one can only wonder if a hypothesis or optic that can abide everything is really anything at all.


4 Responses to “dave emory”

  1. frank Says:

    I like reading what you have to say on this – I had stumbled across Dave Emory by accident about a year ago when I had wfmu playing while I was doing some research in the library, and one other time under similar circumstances. Busy w/ other stuff I only heard him peripherally, though it struck me enough to bookmark the page – however, I forgot about it until now when I saw your blog post – needless to say, I haven’t given it a good enough listen yet to have any insightful comments

  2. Dave3544 Says:

    “the nazi front is also pictured pulling the strings behind nixon’s rise and fall”

    Interestingly (maybe), one of my Masters’ papers was about a group of people during WWII who saw communists and jews everywhere, controlling everything. To them, the US lost WWII as well, but mostly because we were on the wrong side (there was a three-way split on feelings about Nazi Germany. Some thought Hitler was doing the right thing, some thought he didn’t go far enough, and some argued that the Holocaust was jewish propaganda. All agreed that being allied with the commies was a crime against America). Without going into too much detail about them, I thought it would be interesting to note that to the fascists, Nixon was a dope of the jewish/communist cabal. While they could whip up no great enthusiasm for JFK, he was preferable to Nixon in 1960.

  3. Glenda Says:

    Interesting post. With Emory–and I’ve been listening consistently since the early 1980’s–you want to READ the enormous volume of material he has on his website. There are long descriptions of each show, a “mini-library” of anti-fascist books, documents, audio files and on and on and on.

    I’d particularly recommend that you read the Paul Manning text: “Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile.” It’s the key to his work.

    I’d also advise caution when criticizing him. I’ve attended a number of lectures of his, and occasionally run in to him around town. He’s charming, has a good sense of humor, is level-headed and way, way ahead of the pack.

    A lot of the things he says might seem off the wall, but wait a while and see if things don’t go the way he predicts. I was listening to him warn about the connections between Osama bin Laden and George Bush in November of 1999.

    Throughout the spring and summer of 2001, he was warning of
    quickening developments on the Bush/bin Laden “front” and directly foreshadowed some of the events of 9/11/2001.

    In the early ’80’s, Emory was warning of the rise of fascism in America and indicated that terrorism was being used to bring it about. Pretty crazy, eh?

  4. The PrisonShip emory, continued « Says:

    […] emory, continued May 14th, 2007 — lexdexter everybody saw and dug this comment? […]

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