ah, yes…. c/nc: vincent gallo

this latest move “sets the tone for taking it to the next level…”

as for me, n/c, but with weird reservations. gallo’s movies are like todd solondz’ to the extent that i don’t watch ’em cuz rk would hate ’em…and the fact that i can’t watch ’em doesn’t really make me cry, because they’re sad and remind me of things about myself i don’t like (buffalo 66 en particulier.)

but i’ll take the whole package, to the extent that he’s a great character/provocateur a la malcom mclaren, quintessentially ‘new york fucking city’, and clearly the patron saint of the vice/american apparel tendency that, frankly, has made the whole m/f world better looking to my elitist ‘new fucking jersey, 1979-1997’ mind.

i don’t know how the brown bunny would stand up to repeated viewings, but i was taken aback when i saw it on le big screen. its plot arc is simple and effective, the kind of thing you’d describe to a film buff friend one night when neither of you could sleep. you could say that it and B66 were all surface, but really, so was Breathless.

and i even thought the bits of his music i heard were okay. gallo is by all accounts such a butthead that this referendum dovetails nicely with uncle’s discussion of auteurs/taboos.

2 Responses to “ah, yes…. c/nc: vincent gallo”

  1. kyle Says:

    A friend of mine wrote B-66 with Gallo. He later asked her if she wanted to help on a project called “Brown Bunny.” He described the story as a slasher film where the guy drives across the country breaking women’s hearts.

    I *really* like that.

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