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what the eff? crazy deke falcon review…whose drunk friend is this?

it’s nice that this kind soul didn’t mention the replacements, or even the Midwest.


darling of the right wing ur-media, ‘aficianado’

yep. well it happened to n’uncle, then it happened to me! this here blog has been cited by union facts, where some wanky cato institute reject is prancing around the blog-o realm looking for clues: it’s not my fault you hate working people, Luther. didn’t you read the blog entry, spanky? you done did exactly what I said you do.

but seriously, horse-snorkel… here’s a free tip on me: i may be a ‘labor aficianado,’ but the real thing is over here. maybe you could use it for your magnum opus re: the privatization of fun, or whatever.

oh, for those unaware of horseface’s pedigree, meet his guru, Rick Berman (from sourcewatch):

Ethics violations

In the early 1990s, Berman was tied to former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich through possible ethics violations involving Gingrich’s PAC (GOPAC). In 1993, Berman made a $25,000 contribution to Kennesaw State College for Gingrich’s class on “Renewing American Civilization” on condition that Gingrich teach ideas supported by EPI (Berman’s anti-worker “Institute.”) House Ethics Committee reports revealed that Berman’s contribution was solicited by GOPAC and that Berman had already helped GOPAC in recruiting big donors. In the cover letter to the check, Berman thanked Gingrich for his “help” in enabling Berman to testify at a Congressional hearing on another matter of interest to the industry.

oh well, at least he didn’t find out about this damning link….



it’ll be worth a clinton presidency when we get to employee free choice act the crap out of these true believer chumps. then we’ll fund universal health care (i.e. free abortions) with their bosses’ death taxes.

on chant and strum…end times records

thank christ, i was starting to think this wasn’t going to happen: 

“On Chant and Strum”, a deluxe edition of The Search which features all 22 tracks from the band’s recording session, will be released July 24 on double vinyl. This will be a limited pressing of 1,000 copies.

you know i was thinking just last night…not since the semi-finals 7″ has a band so negligently left its best material off the record.

another thought that had me going on the long ride home last evening: pomo-apocalypto rock albs. i was thinking about this because The Search is best read – not heard, mebbe – as a “sign of the times,” paranoia record. then i thought, how many records have been made, or at least received, as variations on the “modern times/industrial chaos/center will not hold/existential dread/nuclear wasteland/computers ate my soul” theme. for my money, Sister, Zen Arcade, The Modern Dance and Dub Housing all evoke this sorta stuff. and clearly Kid A is taken to be part of this canon, just as Yankee Hotel is believed to embody said dread. ooh, i almost forgot the criminally underrated The Gap, which is itself a play on The Wall, so maybe I should include that, too. a series of related questions:

which is the first record of this subgenre?

which is your fave?

have we had enough?

which records are undeservedly typecast as exemplars of this whole thing?

what’s the sociological basis for our hearing/wanting to hear end-times-y, Mr. Roboto-ish night tremors in every vocoder-ed warble?

are there hip-hop albs that deserve inclusion in this canon? if not, why not?

a confession

the long run hasn’t left the 8-track deck in, like, a long time.

not that i’ve gone to it so often, but i’ve gone there, alright. i tell myself my interest is still strictly anthropological.

baffroooom, such loveseats

yesterday i jumped in a filling station restroom in lovely Albany. immediately i was struck – as if by a ‘spiked bat’ (Wu) – by the fragrant things happening. i’d forgotten how somewhere, there’s somebody producing a baffroom air freshener that smells exactly like cherry pez. now, i’m not talking about the far more popular freshener that is more of a sour/sweet, chemical cherry thing (i experienced that in a mexican restaurant, also in Albany, 12 hours later.) – that stuff smells more like Cherry Skoal tastes. anyway, the stuff i’m talking about had a cherry pez smell.

ps – le prisonship n’endorse pas l’utilization de Skoal, ou d’autres tabacs sans fumes. bien sur, il faut eviter quelques fauteils comme ca. au contraire, c’est neccessaire qu’on mange beaucoup des frites.

jay jerry farrar garcia

how is it that none of us have tracked down that recording of JF doing ‘candyman?’ i have a hard time imagining jayfers spieling the ‘if i had me a shotgun’ punchline.

why won’t 33 and 1/3 publish this man?

i just gave doodoo advanced notice, but i think everybody should check out the latest failedpilot offering. my record reviews don’t hold no candles to screeds like this:

5.      Iggy Pop-Brick by Brick  1990 Virgin Most of the readers of this book are probably more than familiar with (maybe even sick of) the work of Iggy Pop. Called by many the Godfather of Punk for good reason…he makes musical offers that you can’t refuse. 1996’s Naughty Little Doggie taught us that this 71-year old bad boy could still deliver the bare-knuckled hard rock that made him famous. The brilliant Avenue B from 1999 displayed a more introspective Croce-esque (though shirtless and clean shaven) singer-songwriter. All are classics, but I really prefer his older stuff. That’s why I always find myself reaching for my Brick by Brick cassette (one of his first and best), which contains the infectious track, “Butt Town.”

i think this is like the third time i’ve plugged that site in the last month. i’ll chill, adolph.