* so captain’s dead has another great one, an unreleased whiskeytown alb from in between the amazing faithless street and the half-amazing, half-we-can-make-a-million-bucks strangers almanac.
what’s the embarassing’er beloved trifecta: son volt, wilco, whiskeytown or walkmen, rapture, !!! ???

* anybody else’s week been weirder than usual? there are tectonic shifts going on beneath my feets, and the occasional, revelatory oh, this is what i wanna do moments. it’d be like some sort of beat-ish ‘old man with the word’ delivering a message except i’m not on the road and i like it. i like the people i come home to and stuff. this weekend and thereafter i’ve spent a lot of time in a non-used sports coat; i’ve taken shirts to the cleaner and handed my business card to people i respect that i want to respect me. i’ve wondered when the day will come that i say, yeah, i really would like to own a nice watch – and by ‘nice,’ i mean a watch with a thick silver chain. when that day comes, i’ll tell you what i’m going to do. i’m going to get in my focus – maybe it’ll be a fusion by then? – and i’m gonna go out and by Kyle a nice watch.

* big work in salem today, portland city tonight. tomorrow i’ll be strapped to the machine again, though, and prolly half dead in the we could see some big blogging. ‘thinking about upgrading and making some full-blown ‘mp3 blog’ moves (direct downloads, no more yousendits.) it might be fun, in an evangelical sense. and it’d also be nice to join in reciprocal relationships with the many moosic people i respect, who’ve turned me on to a lotta the good in the world. ‘not sure how many hits i’d ever get, though, as this blog’ll always first and foremost be about the privileged spew of our proud, round ‘circle.’

2 Responses to “eek”

  1. kyle Says:

    The watchband to my Casio F-105 is about to break off. If you have to buy me a watch, make sure it has Indie-glo.

  2. shellsnitch Says:

    i’ll be sure to check out capt’s dead for that. i actually prefer stranger’s almanac to faithless street, i know i’m weird. bring on the mp3 blog, i’ve had fantasies of doing that myself, but i already spend too much time in front of the computer.

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