dear sn vlt

okay, last night’s letterman was clearly the definitive version of the horns-y “search.” please never play that song again, at least not that way. thnks, ptyjoe

ps – all this is particularly annoying cuz the vocs were mixed perfectly…and as for the jackass who kept pointing the camera at the horn-warriors…(….)……!!!

pps – duplantis holds his bass the same way as minx, sometimes. and oddly resembles kizer.


4 Responses to “dear sn vlt”

  1. andrew schmidt Says:

    what’s your opinion on Jay’s goatee?

  2. lexdexter Says:

    terrible goatee. i have no idea.

  3. minx Says:

    Now that I’ve heard it, I agree that this isn’t a very good song.

  4. Wilbro Says:

    That’s pretty corndick. What with the horns and all.

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