something i earned today

you know i kinda feel weird blogging on campaign time but you know what my face is burning from all this research and i’ve got rss and it’s not like i aint getting the shit done that’s goddamn right i’m doing it working at home rocking deerhunter dinosaur dire straits and david grubbs

we’ve discussed helmet previously, so i thought i’d hip you to this rad set of page hamilton demos from his Gandhi project. these’re hosted by something i learned today, an amazing place to be for any and all hardcorists. note that the podcasts are just exactly perfect soundtracks to the 1985-1995 kind of mood i’ve been in for the last 18 hours.


One Response to “something i earned today”

  1. Jason Says:

    The mention of Deerhunter prompts me to hype the newest album, Cryptograms. I saw the CD release show few weeks ago, and it was good. real good.

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