saccharine trust

because of the woman i love being who she is i’ve found myself a little blase about getting to know some of the obscure-er nooks of the SST back-catalog…shit, i figure,’those Nova Mob records’ll be great ‘alone time’ fodder when i’m 31, prolly. mine is a shit-eating grin when i consider these possibilities of course. it’s a weird feeling – yr in love w/ yr best pal for her day-to-day greatness, only occasionally remembering her place in a history you still take quite seriously (further reference to raenie’s SST collection would be gratuitous.)

but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t initiate a bit of SST talk among us laymen. that’s why i’m taking this roundabout route to linking w/ detailed twang’s groovy saccharine trust post. those who love the minutemen for their, golly, “free spirit” will dig this, particularly for all of its jazziness. raenie could regale you w/ a million anecdotes if she chose to, but i’ll just say that saccharine trust deserves mention alongside the minutemen and flag as punk saints and as americans. weird how people talk about SST ‘defining a genre’ when their flagship bands were way, way too free for any such lock-stepping. it was probably all the palm trees and weed. does greg ginn snarf the fizz, you think?

also, the detailed twang guy is still the best critic writing in the blogs that i know of. that i can never quite predict how he’s going to come down on bands is the greatest compliment i can give ’em. i came to his former tome through the forced exposure connection, but have stuck around for the dub, garage rock and psych. and then posts like this one come down and all i wanna do is play seven-inches.

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