run john, run

confirmation of mccain’s steadfast support for the war (and its win-ability) has me rooting for him to win his party’s nomination, which i guess tells me i’ve finally accepted the fact that this country really wants out of iraq?

i think a hawkish republican could be just as beatable as hillary, albeit for different reasons.


4 Responses to “run john, run”

  1. Barry Says:

    I like the pictures of John McCain. It’s always an intense close up of his grisled, determined face. Either that, or the face he makes when he says things like, “…a border wall? I think it’s a horrible idea, but if that’s what it takes to galvanize the base, I’ll build the goddamned thing.”

  2. Jason Says:

    I actually used to respect McCain quite a lot (like alot of liberals, I think). I still remember the day he sold his soul, giving W a really uncomfortable hug on some stage somewere, after endorsing him. Dude must really badly want to be president to walk back and forth over his policy stances from so recently

  3. Kyle Says:

    I swear I heard back in 2000 that if McCain won the presidency, he’d invite Nine Inch Nails to perform at his inauguration.

    Picture that.

  4. lexdexter Says:

    Nine inch nails, dude.

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