i’ll tell you something weird

i’ve only had one drink (a beer) since 2006, as some of you know, which frankly impresses me more than the fact that i’ve gone almost a half-year off smokes. that said, i never thought i’d reach this point, in which i can say that i like sparkling water better than beer. seriously, i haven’t been so obsessed with a beverage since i first discovered pabsts. times change, eh? i should seal the deal and start wearing running suits, i know.

none of this newfound temperance means that i won’t still act out on special occasions like any sort of sewanee-related rendez-vous… and of course wobs’ new gig needs celebrating, too, and that probably means whiskey. but the light, effervescent gladness that accompanies a half-dozen gulps of fizz beats the hell out of a “poor man’s black and tan” (michelob dark + bud) any old day.

(and who the hell needs hangovers when you’re already working in the got’damn labor movement? i feel for anybody in their late twenties who cannot make themselves hysterical without the help of alcohol poisoning. i feel for ’em, but i don’t understand.)

seriously, i slurp so much fizz that i’ve had to impose some strictures since i started working from home: no fizz until two pm, the man says. that way i’ve got four hours’ full hydration before the deluge. yeah, things’re weird, you know? weird and fizzy, though.  like jim ross says about the triple cage tower of doom format, this biz is “not for the weak at heart; i mean, you gotta be a STALLION.”

8 Responses to “i’ll tell you something weird”

  1. minxxx Says:

    Do you like those fancy Italian or French sparkling waters? I do. I also like the flavored varieties. There’s a little shop down from my studio that sells them.

  2. dan Says:

    Was wondering if you’d weigh in on the 2 litre Talking Rain. I like laying in a supply of fizz, and I like their flavors, but it’s hard to sip when you know it may go flat on you.

  3. lexdexter Says:

    i like the talking rain i’ve had but i, too, fear the flatness.

    perrier is kind of a bore, and i like pellegrino but after getting used to the flavored fizz it’s a bit drab, too. you can also get san p. with lime extract in a can, but that’s some tart shit.

  4. terrainasaur Says:

    speaking of the cage, which one can never do too much of: i know a girl at my school who is in training to be a cage fighter. she has her first fight lined up and everything. it don’t make no sense at all, her being very “country fair” and everything.

    i wanted to try and win you a lifetime supply of sparkling water for christmas, but couldn’t find a contest that offered it.

  5. Wilbro Says:

    I, too, am hooked on “The Fizz.” There’s this stuff called “Syfo” – have you tried it yet? It’s AWE-SUM. Get the lime-flavored one, ‘cos it’s the best.

  6. david Says:

    Caro and I are heavily into the fizzy water, though we tend to go for the bargain brand, Big K (sometimes the lemon/lime variety). Try this: half a glass juice (apple is really good) and top off with fizzy water, delicious and refreshing.

  7. david Says:

    Oh yeah, the cage reminded me we went to see the Nashville Rollergirls roller derby “grudge match” this saturday night, Denise is on the team “Damsels of Distress.” But she broke her ankle before the season started and wasn’t skating, she’s now the “coach.” It was a riot but a little tamer than I’d hoped. It seems rollerderby nostalgia has come raging back, which rules I think, has it appeared in y’all’s locales? Local high school punk rock darlings Be Your Own Pet played between periods. Within five seconds of playing their first song the bass player had fallen off the stage with a bloody nose.


  8. Kyle Says:

    My average soda intake rounds out to one or two a week. However, I’ve recently re-discovered Buffalo Rock, a Birmingham brewed (is that the right word?) ginger ale that goes down just as smoothly as harsh bourbon. It’s like a simulated tough-guy drink without the caffeine. I doubt you’d find it outside of Dixie, but it’s well-worth checking out next time you’re in the area.

    More info: http://www.buffalorock.com/products/gingerale.html

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