“good” friday

for some reason i can’t understand, i have today off on this, the heaviest of Catholic guilt days. i’ll spend it finishing a grant and resolving an “incomplete” grade i had to take when a bunch of things happened last month.

“good friday” will always make me think of all the wanton lenten asceticism leading up to it. grade school, stations of the cross, adoration of the monstrance and thinking on how Christ fell thrice. is it from 9-noon or noon-3 that you’re not supposed to speak?

cassidy’s band is playing tonight; squids play saturday in corvallis, home of oregon state and barry junior. today my union meets with the next US senator from Oregon (maybe.) i’m going to be calling nurses all weekend, making sure they’re tracking their hours. are you tracking yours? who else has good Lent stories? who doesn’t?


One Response to ““good” friday”

  1. Jordan Says:

    What’s the “good” part of good friday? I’m a shameful priest-spawn who should know the answer to that.
    I’d be curious to hear a catholic’s take on the Newman stations. But maybe I’m interested in hearing it from a catholic that is not otherwise into paintings of that ilk.

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