a happy chasepack week

what with obama matching clinton for funds and elizabeth edwards outclassing everybody in sight, there’s reason to believe (for now.)

on the other side, mark my words: mitt’s on the rise (for now). shit, he won the first primary, you know?

4 Responses to “a happy chasepack week”

  1. wobs Says:

    I’m skeptical about Mitt being on the rise. I’m thinking his money is coming from big fundraisers, rather than any sort of popular support, as he’s still languishing in the polls. Plus, he’s going to have to burn through all that cash pretty quickly, as he doesn’t have the name recognition that Giuliani and McCain have.

  2. Jordan Says:

    I feel incredibly idealistic and even naive feeling this way, but I like the hell out of Obama, and was glad to see him pull in cash–from 100,00 donors, wasn’t it?

  3. lexdexter Says:

    i agree with you about obama. i’ll stand behind edwards until the (almost) inevitable happens (c’mon, iowa!) because i think his focus on economic justice is nigh-on unprecedented in the post-Reagan universe. but if i admire edwards for his idealism, i’m impressed by obama’s pretty much unassailable lucidity. i’ve been rocking his book on tape over drives lately, and it’s pretty rad. ‘dude bends over backwards trying to prove himself reasonable, but shit, he is a person of color running for president.

    bottom line: hillary has a race on her hands, thank christ.

  4. wobs Says:

    FYI Patrick – here’s a bit by kos detailing how shallow Mitt’s support is, and the reasons for his huge money numbers. Long story short, he bought the GOP money machine.

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