Keith Blew a Rail’s Worth of Dad

you laugh, but i am most serious.

10 Responses to “Keith Blew a Rail’s Worth of Dad”

  1. frank Says:

    oh my, well he said his dad wouldn’t mind

  2. tronn Says:

    Simply Amazing!

  3. Elvira Says:

    Plus, his dad died in 2002. So this was a recent action.

  4. wobs Says:

    The real question: who’s gonna snort Keith Richards. Just think how high that would get you!

  5. Barry Says:

    Elvira has a salient point.

  6. Jordan Says:

    I like to imagine that Keith circa 1970 would look at Keith circa 2007 and say, “Right on, you mangy beast!”, and this confirms that imagination.

  7. andrew schmidt Says:

    look at those biceps!

  8. Kyle's Kyle Says:

    I snorted the ashes of “A Bigger Bang.” Started having rage-outs and shit.

  9. wobs Says:

    Damn. Trust MTV to come and ruin the fun: “MTV News took the novel step of contacting Richards’ manager, who responded with what sounded like a sigh, but was in fact an e-mail. The dad-snorting story, she explained, was, quote, ‘said in jest … [I] can’t believe anyone took [it] seriously.'”

  10. frank Says:

    shit bags! I was just about to relay this story to my brother and his girlfriend

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