tumbleweed connection era

what about this era of elton?

ballad of a well-known gun

i think his vocals are strong, and the licks on gtr rule. there’s something about 70s FM production values that make me melt, though, so i’m capable of forgiving a lot.

come down in time

on this one you can hear the guy who championed nick drake. total bryter production values, here.  but then i could also hear stevie wonder doing this.


3 Responses to “tumbleweed connection era”

  1. m. potato Says:

    ah pj, that warms my heart. ’70’s elton john was totally bad-ass. “ballad of a well known gun” is totally a gospel tune, and you are right about “come down in time”. it sounds like it could have been a ballad off of “songs in the key of life”.

    i think whether people realized it or not, pop culture was so steeped in soul music by that point, that it couldn’t help but to produce deep-as-shit pop music from the folks that had their ears screwed on straight. in my estimation, elton is certainly included in that category.

  2. lexdexter Says:

    that’s a great point, davey. certainly the faces were sam cooke worshippers, and there’s the whole big star/stax connection.

    interesting to think that it may be getting into soul that shows me why i like the rock music i like.

  3. m. potato Says:

    give a call in regards to the S.V./ M.E.C. show. i need to know when you guys are getting into town, so i can plan accordingly. my life is pretty effing chaotic as of late, thus advanced warning is quite helpful…

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